Make Your CPD Work For You This Year

It’s the law: At least 10 hours worth of continuing professional development (CPD) units for lawyers are needed in order to remain compliant. However, quality solicitors never attend seminars and workshops just for the CPD points, but rather for the learning and networking experience that such events can offer.

With most of 2023 still ahead, it is the right time to get ahead of your CPD requirements and make your CPD work for you. Take control of your career, improve your confidence and realise your professional potential.

Where Are The Gaps In Your Skillset?

The beauty of getting your CPD points is that it gives you the opportunity to cover any skills gaps that you might have. However, too often, solicitors will simply attend a course or workshop to get their points without properly considering how it will grow their expertise. It is easy to double down on things you already know and understand well. It’s much more challenging to have to learn something new.

Use the opportunity this year to do a skills gap analysis to determine where you’re lacking as a solicitor, and then seek out CPD courses and seminars that will help you bridge those gaps. See the CPD system as more than a box-checking exercise. Rather, it is an opportunity to become a better legal professional.

How Are Your Fundamentals?

When it comes to being a quality solicitor, knowing the law inside and out is absolutely essential. However, many in the legal profession study the law to the neglect of other critical skills needed for being an effective legal practitioner.

The fundamentals that CPD courses can help you brush up on are things like stress management skills, ethical discernment and protocol, drafting skills, oral skills, presentation skills and more.

How Can You Maximise On Your Time Spent Earning CPD Points?

Time is money, and so you want to maximise how you use your time. By strategically bundling your CPD courses and seminars together, you can knock out most of those points in one go ‒ particularly the mandatory CPD points in ethics, professional skills, practice management and substantive law. Then you can focus your time on getting the insights and training that you really want in your specific field.

At Legalwise Seminars, we have a wide range of bundled programs that can help you get the mandatory points out of the way while also providing you with tantalising and cutting-edge information in your preferred field of expertise.

Getting CPD units for lawyers has never been easier. Sign up at Legalwise Seminars today to get access to hundreds of expertly presented webinars on demand, live conferences and much more.