Earn A Year’s Worth Of CPD Points In One Day

Earning your continuing professional development (CPD) points as a solicitor in Australia need not be complicated. Hundreds of hours’ worth of fresh and unique seminars are available for you at Legalwise Seminars, ensuring you get more than your required share of CPD training. Moreover, it is guaranteed to be interesting and add value to your career and knowledge base.

One of our most popular and recommended seminars is the annual “10 Points in One Day in Cairns”, which is taking place this year on the 26th of August.

Attending “10 Points in One Day in Cairns”

Based on Queensland legislation, this annual event features a jam-packed day-long programme of seminars that cover a variety of interesting topics, running from 7:30 to 18:30. In one day, you will be able to earn all 10 CPD points required for the year in order to remain compliant and retain your solicitor’s practising certification.

This event has been running successfully for 11 years and is definitely one of the best value-for-money programmes on our schedule.

You can attend either the whole day to get the full 10 CPD points law, or you can register for only the portions that interest you, earning yourself either 3 or 4 CPD points for attending only certain blocks of the programme.

Moreover, like with all of our seminars, you can attend the seminar in person or live online, depending on your preference. If you can’t make it on that particular day, our on-demand option is always available to you so you can earn your points at a time that is convenient for you.

What Does It Cover?

This year’s programme will offer 7 CPD points in the area of legal knowledge, 1 point in practice management or business skills, 1 unit in practical legal ethics and 1 unit in professional skills.

The morning session will comprise four presentations covering property and family law, while the afternoon session will cover updates on commercial law and wills through another four presentations.

The midday session will include 3 presentations that deal with the CPD mandatory core areas of practice management or business skills, practical legal ethics and professional skills.

Some of the industry’s most knowledgable and experienced speakers will be presenting, making the entire day a worthwhile event that will not only earn you your points but inspire you.

For this and more CPD training opportunities, register on Legalwise Seminars today to ensure that you remain compliant.