Stay Ahead of Your CPD Requirements for the Upcoming Year!


If you had a hard time maintaining your CPD points requirements over the past year, then it's time for you to sign up for the Legalwise Seminars Individual 10 Points CPD Package so that you don't struggle again in 2025.

We offer a huge range of CPD training programmes, including CPD training for accounting, architecture, and, of course, the legal profession. By signing up now, you can get all of the CPD points required to remain compliant and certified. Additionally, you can gain legitimately valuable insights and knowledge to upskill yourself and ensure that you are at the cutting edge of your profession.

Let's take a look at the Individual 10 Points CPD Package that we offer so that you can ensure that you will be 100% compliant by the end of March next year.

How Does It Work?

Our Individual 10 Points CPD Package is highly recommended. Signing up online is simple and gets you access to all the CPD points you need for the coming year. As the year progresses, you'll receive updates regarding all the new CPD programmes. This makes it easy for you to select which programmes you're interested in by simply sending an email or giving us a call. Doing so ensures you are booked into the relevant seminars and can attend at your convenience.

Once you've completed a session or a programme, you will receive a certificate of attendance, thereby proving your CPD point acquisition and ensuring that you are fully compliant. This relieves a lot of stress, ensuring you don't have to worry about keeping up to date with your CPD point requirements, as it will be managed for you.

What Does the Individual 10 Points CPD Package Offer?

The idea behind the CPD package is to ensure that the process of remaining compliant and acquiring all of your CPD points is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Legalwise Seminars offers excellent quality seminars with a wide choice of topics to ensure that you receive certified and verifiable training. This amounts to $99 per CPD point, or $990 for the year – an incredible deal.

Through this package, you can access a range of quality programmes and content to choose from and can opt to attend in person, live online, or on-demand. On demand is great if you're unable to attend live due to time or geographical constraints.

You are welcome to attend any time during the program's 12-month duration when our knowledgeable speakers discuss thought-provoking topics.

Don't fall behind on your CPD points again! Sign up at Legalwise Seminars today to get CPD training for accounting, architecture, the education sector, and, of course, the legal profession. Contact us to sign up.