Common Mistakes To Avoid When Racking Up CPD Points

When it comes to acquiring your continuing professional development (CPD) points as a solicitor, there are a number of common mistakes that you should avoid. These mistakes could lead to problems attaining all of your required annual CPD points law, which means you could find yourself facing problems with the regulating authorities and having your certification called into question.

Here at Legalwise Seminars, we are equipped and ready to help you avoid making these mistakes by offering online CPD courses you can trust.

Not Ensuring CPD Accreditation

Some seminars or workshops are not properly accredited for CPD, which can lead to problems when it comes to having your CPD points verified. Sometimes solicitors make the mistake of signing up for courses that are not recognised for CPD purposes, which can be frustrating. Therefore, CPD accreditation is very important to verify, so don’t miss this step. All of our courses at Legalwise Seminars are properly CPD accredited so you won’t be caught off guard.

Not Aligning CPD Points With Professional Development Needs

When it comes to selecting CPD courses, solicitors sometimes make the mistake of choosing courses that do not align with their professional development needs. This can result in a fair amount of wasted time and effort because they invest in courses that do not actually help them grow professionally and add little value to their skill set.

At Legalwise Seminars, we can help ensure that the CPD courses you choose are aligned with your professional development goals so that you get the best value possible out of the service.

Neglecting Variety in Course Selection

Sometimes solicitors oversubscribe to only one type of online CPD activity, which might limit the learning experience. To save time, some solicitors will only do on-demand webinars, for example, where they do not get to interact because it is a recording.

We at Legalwise Seminars believe that it is valuable to try different formats so that you can get a diverse learning experience. These different formats include in-person workshops, live webinars, and on-demand services as well. By completing the various courses and seminars we have available in different formats, you can ensure that you get a good variety of learning experiences that include networking and interaction.

Leaving it to the Last Minute

Under Australian regulations, it is required that you get 10 CPD points per year to remain compliant. When this is not addressed promptly, it can leave you under pressure to complete your courses in a short space of time. This undermines the quality and value of the courses because you are not able to absorb the information fully when rushed. In some cases, you may run out of time altogether and not complete it on time, which could lead to issues with your certification.

At Legalwise Seminars, we can help ensure that your CPD activities are evenly spread throughout the year. We can help you plan ahead so that you do not run into a bottleneck at the end.

Not Keeping Proper Record

When attending CPD-accredited courses, webinars and seminars, solicitors need to keep proper records of their participation to ensure that their CPD points can be credited to them. Failing to keep proper records of your CPD activities can result in difficulties when providing evidence of your efforts. This can lead to the perception of non-compliance.

To avoid such issues, you should work with a CPD provider who can ensure that your course attendance is properly recorded and that all regulations are followed regarding evidence and record-keeping. This will prevent you from running into trouble and will ensure that your CPD points are credited to you correctly.

Here at Legalwise Seminars, we keep a thorough record of everything that you have done, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your CPD points will be applied without any hassle.

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