4 Top Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Running a law firm not only requires you to be a lawyer. You juggle clients, keep your CPD courses and points up to date, research, appear in court, manage juniors and the list goes on. But it also requires you to fill your sales funnel and keep the practice doors open.

It is critical to fill your sales funnel whether you are a lawyer, architect or occupational therapist. But you are not a marketing guru; you’re a law guru! However, marketing professionals are not wizards who instantly know what clients suit your business or what your big dream is.

In order to brief the marketing professionals correctly and to empower you in checking on their direction, we have collated four key principles below.

Your Expertise Vs Client Needs

Your expertise and immense talent is only a small portion of what a client ultimately wants ‒ and that can be a jaw-dropping discovery for many professionals.

First off, your client should have a delightful client journey from the moment they make their first call to your offices or land on your website. And it doesn’t end until the client changes law firms.

If you, and your marketing guru, focus on the client and their experience at every touchpoint they have with your firm, then you will be head and shoulders ahead of the competition constantly. How do you do this?

  • What are the pain points for clients?
    • State on your website that you understand that pain point.
  • Display empathy and knowledge of client needs, not just a services list.
  • Call or email new client contacts quickly. You will look helpful.
  • Don’t make your website complicated. Use a UX designer to lead its development, not a graphic designer.

Don’t Throw Money At It

Expensive marketing doesn’t equal successful marketing. Niche strategies will reap better ROIs than a massive splash. For example: Yes, you need social media but not every platform.

Define your goals as well as your niche area of expertise. Select two platforms and create the best strategies possible for them with your marketing professional. Did you know you can outsource blog writing? It doesn’t have to be you writing the content, so don’t ignore this important tool.

Use The Professionals

You’ve no doubt told clients to use professionals at least once, so now it’s your turn to walk the talk. Use the best certified company available for your CPD courses, use the best H.R. consultant you can find and use marketing professionals if you want your business to soar.

You don’t have to start with bells and whistles immediately, but you will benefit from a strong marketing foundation that is easily scaled.

Check Your ROI

Bringing in professionals doesn’t let you off the hook completely – but mostly. Ensure that you agree on key performance indicators (KPIs) with your marketing professionals.

  • Via what channels are new leads finding the firm?
  • What is the ratio between website visitors, quotes and signed up clients?
  • How popular are the social media ads?

Talk to peers about KPIs they are using and find the most relevant ones for you.

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