How to Make Digital Marketing Work for You

Ryan ShelleyLooking to make your law firm stand out in a crowded marketplace? Wondering how to make digital marketing work more effectively for you?

Ryan Shelley, Managing Director of marketing agency Pepper IT, will be running a session at the upcoming Business Skills for Lawyers on digital marketing for law firms on 31 March 2020.

The session focuses on implementing a digital marketing strategy and will provide an easily actionable list of items to work through in order to get your social media, website and email marketing up to speed.

Consuming digital media is the new norm and it’s how most people (regardless of age and most socio-economic factors) now prefer and expect to engage with family, friends and organisations with which they do business.

Ryan’s session will cover:

  • Why it really is where we should start our digital marketing strategy.
  • What’s a long-tail phrase? A guide to keyword research and strategy.
  • The key to social media. And how to stake your claim in such a noisy space.
  • Why email marketing has made a renaissance. You’d take a return on investment of $42 to $1 spent any day, right?
  • How to create great content and make it work harder for you.
  • What is this and why is it important to law firms?

“At Pepper, we have the pleasure of working work with professionals across the entire professional services, legal and property spectrum.

Lawyers and their firms are at the forefront of some important current changes. You need to upskill, educate your clients, manage new risks such as cybercrime – but on top of that, you’re also expected to market and grow your business!” – Ryan Shelley, Managing Director, Pepper IT.

No matter what discipline of law your firm practices, this session will debunk some digital marketing myths and formulate a plan to propel your business forward. By pre-empting where your client will be and what they need, you will be in an advantageous position to stand out from your competition and cost-effectively market to the right audience.

A key to approaching digital marketing in your own law firm is to remember to make it about your client. Whatever your message is, show value or benefit to the people who keep your business running. Plus, make plans and stick to them when you’re dedicating time to planning your content and engaging with your community.

Attendees at the Legalwise seminar on 31 March 2020 will be equipped with the tools to get started on digital marketing efforts in your own law firm. Building email marketing lists, search optimisation and a social media following is not as scary as it may first appear. However, it takes planning and patience. It’s time to get started!

Pepper IT is a full service marketing agency specialising in social media for law firms.

Ryan Shelley loved technology and the online world ever since he was a child. As an adolescent, he witnessed the birth of the internet through a screeching and squealing dial-up modem.

He decided to turn his passion into a career and completed a degree from the University of Sydney in Engineering, specialising in Electronic Commerce. This provided the strong foundation in technology and electronic marketing.

With close to twenty years’ experience working in boutique and consulting roles including at NASDAQ’s Sydney office, Ryan enjoys the diversity and complexity of the technical side, while working with his clients to bolster their online presences.

As a highly regarded social media expert, Ryan works regularly with the likes of ABC, Channel 7, SBS, and Marie Claire, where he is a regular commentator on social media strategy. 

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