Why Compulsory CPD Areas Of Expertise Are Required

Here at Legalwise Seminars, we offer a vast range of CPD seminars. Law society rules in various states across Australia generally require that four CPD points per year, out of the total ten required, be earned in certain compulsory areas of expertise. Thankfully, we offer seminars in these areas and many more.

These compulsory areas of professional development are ethics and professional responsibility; practice management and business skills; professional skills; and, in some states, substantive law as well. In South Australia, legal professionals are required to get a compulsory CPD point in the focus area of bullying, discrimination and harassment instead of substantive law.

Let’s take a brief look at each of these compulsory categories to understand why they are so important.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

When it comes to working with the law, there is a high degree of responsibility to be ethical in every aspect of the job. Legal professionals are responsible for upholding, interpreting and executing the laws of the land, and so their professional behaviour should be without reproach.

This area of professional development helps to ensure that legal professionals remain up to speed with the latest developments as far as their professional and ethical responsibilities are concerned.

Practice Management and Business Skills

The idea behind this compulsory area of professional development is to ensure that legal professionals can effectively run their practices as successful and efficient businesses. This includes helping solicitors develop their knowledge in areas such as financial management, marketing, client management and technology adoption, among others.

Professional Skills

Legal professionals need to be well-practised in a variety of professional skills in order to be able to effectively do their jobs. These skills might include things like legal research, negotiation, advocacy, communication, drafting legal documents, and problem-solving. It is important to remain refreshed and sharp in these areas to deliver the best possible services to clients.

Substantive Law

Substantive law simply refers to the need for legal professionals to stay up to date with the latest changes in terms of legislation, legal precedents and case law. Solicitors and barristers alike must remain up to speed with the latest developments in their area of expertise, as it can have a significant impact on their ability to offer quality legal counsel.

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