The Impact of Technology on Legal CPD: Embracing Digital Learning

As technology has evolved, CPD courses have become easier to access, giving legal professionals more avenues for achieving their CPD points year in and year out.

The way Australian lawyers and solicitors participate in professional development activities is changing as a result of technology. Here are some ways that digital learning has changed the CPD landscape of late.

Greater Access to Learning

The ubiquitousness of digital platforms and content, ranging from webinars, online courses, e-learning modules and more, has made it possible for CPD opportunities to be accessed at any time and place of a legal professional’s choosing. As such, solicitors can join in on CPD activities at their leisure, making it far easier to attain quality learning while still managing one’s own tight schedule. It also provides access to a much wider array of content.

Improved Access to Various Types of Learning

Digital learning technologies incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, case studies and other kinds of discussions that might not have been possible using traditional in-person seminars and classes.

This makes CPD point law acquisition more engaging and also helps promote better knowledge retention, resulting in better overall legal professionals. Some CPD platforms that use digital technology even incorporate gamification elements. While this is less common, it is used in some corners of the industry, where professionals can earn badges or points for completing certain modules. This fosters a sense of encouragement and helps make the process feel more fulfilling and fun.

Global Reach

Arguably the most important aspect of digitalised content is that it allows for a truly global reach. This opens up CPD platforms to a much wider selection of information and courses from around the world, while also allowing access for participants worldwide. No matter where you are, you can engage in real-time, which is similar to doing things face-to-face, except you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving to a venue, finding parking, and dealing with all the discomforts that come with that. Rather, you can access any amount of excellent content from the comfort of your office or home.

Cost and Environmental Improvements

By holding CPD courses online, legal professionals are able to reduce their travel costs and also have a better impact on the environment. No longer will legal professionals need to drive long distances, take long flights, or book hotel rooms to attend a conference.

Instead, they can attend the conference virtually, and this can be achieved for a minimal cost without having to travel anywhere at all. The positive impact on the environment is significant, especially when this is done at scale.

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