Benefits Of Interactive Learning For Meeting Your Solicitor CPD Requirements

There are various and consistently growing ways for solicitors and barristers to meet their CPD requirements. With the deadline already approaching, it is time to start gathering resources and consider the most value-rich and relevant ways to gain points to keep up with industry knowledge and remain compliant and a reputable source for legal services.

Interactive online CPD is an engaging and fantastic option for solicitors and barristers looking to expand their range of resources to add practical nuggets to their knowledge pool. Keep reading to learn some of the key benefits of adding this method to your CPD point acquisition plan.

Learn At Your Pace

A significant advantage of completing CPD with online courses is that you can take them at your own pace. Moreover, they are always accessible ‒ anytime and from anywhere! This reality makes it easy to fit your learning into your busy work-life schedule. Log-in from any device you have and prioritise learning what interests you. Moreover, there is often an unlimited amount of points to be earned using online courses.

Maximise Your Knowledge Intake

Interactive forms of obtaining knowledge are one of the most effective ways to absorb new knowledge presented in the curriculum. While a webinar may present content you find exciting, it lacks the level of engagement offered by interactive courses.

Learn From The Best In Law

Online CPD offers a myriad of possibilities regarding courses and talks from high-profile international or local experts in the legal field. It makes learning from the best industry professionals limitless. Harnessing this is a fantastic way to expose yourself to new, fresh insights and ideas to form part of your annual CPD requirements.

Have Fun While Learning

Online learning offers learners several fantastic benefits, including the ability to shape and form their preferred content and schedule. You can say goodbye to long commutes to in-person events that seem to miss the mark regarding your line of professional interest. Online learning allows you to revisit content you found most interesting, take notes at your pace, and conduct your learning experience in the way that suits you best.

Are you interested in trying online learning to meet your CPD requirements? At Legalwise Seminars, we provide all the high-quality resources you need to shape your annual CPD experience. For further information on what we offer, browse our website or contact us at 02 9387 8133 today.