Important Skills for Barristers to Focus on When Doing CPD

In Australia, there is a significant emphasis on solicitors acquiring the necessary CPD points to remain compliant. However, it’s important not to overlook the importance of barrister CPD points as well.

Like solicitors, barristers must earn 10 CPD points annually in their capacity as legal professionals. However, barristers may require more targeted and specialized CPD activities due to the particular difficulties and specialized skills necessary in their roles as advocates and court representatives.

Barristers who want to effectively improve their skills should think about enrolling in CPD seminars that cover important topics unique to their line of work. Among these critical skill sets are the following:

Improving Advocacy Capabilities

Barristers frequently represent clients in court, making CPD courses that focus on developing advocacy skills very helpful. This will enable them to more successfully represent their clients’ interests and make compelling arguments in court.

Staying Up To Date

Barristers are required to keep up with changes in legislation, case law and legal precedents to provide their clients with the most current and accurate representation possible. At Legalwise Seminars, we take pride in making sure that each of our speakers is exceptionally qualified to perform this.

Cross-examination Skills Development

Cross-examining witnesses is an important part of a barrister’s job. They can significantly increase their effectiveness in court by taking CPD courses that help them develop this skill. Many court cases are often won or lost on the strength of cross-examination, which is why mastering this skill is so important.

Brushing Up on Ethical and Professional Conduct

Barristers are required to uphold strict ethical standards, just like any other legal professional. After all, they deal with sensitive and often highly personal information, the nature of which could have serious ramifications if handled improperly.

As a result, CPD courses emphasising professional behaviour and ethical standards are essential for aiding barristers in reinforcing these principles.

Improving Communication and Negotiation

Being a barrister necessitates engaging in discussions and negotiations with clients and adversaries. In order to deal with opposing counsel, clients and judges effectively, barristers need strong communication and negotiation skills.

Taking a CPD course or two in this regard could go a long way towards helping barristers become better negotiators and communicators.

Looking After Mental Health

Legal work can be demanding by its very nature. For this reason, it is important and beneficial to perhaps enrol in a few CPD courses that focus on mental health and how barristers can manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Whether you’re a solicitor or a barrister, CPD points are necessary for ensuring that you remain fully compliant. Contact us at Legalwise Seminars and sign up today for full peace of mind.