Mixing The Fun & The Serious For Law CPD Points

Law CPD point discussions seldom get ‘whoop whoop’ cheers from the law fraternity, but we’re here to make it easier for you to earn law CPD points and, dare we say, in fun ways. Before you fall off your chair, we’ll explain.

A two-day seminar can log ten points for you, but you work so much overtime you would love those two days to be freed up. So let’s look at options that you can combine to get your points sorted for the year without being a drain on your precious energy.

When It Suits You Option

You can earn points by preparing material for, participating in, watching or listening to audio or audiovisual recordings of presentations. Legalwise Seminars, for example, has a vast knowledge hub that you can download from whenever it suits you. You choose the time, date and length of each “session”.

Watch the course on your iPad while the kids play outside, while you are on the treadmill or spin bike. Family duty, fitness and CPD boxes ticked!

The Typing Option

If you are a practitioner from Western Australia or Tasmania, the following applies to you:

When you hear ‘write an article’, you may cringe at the memory of brain-busting assignments during your study years, but that’s an incorrect assumption.

It’s easier than that! For example, type out 1,000 words on an opinion you have on something legal and publish it in a legal or non-legal publication. It can even be a humorous piece, as long as it’s about law. And there you have another CPD point.

Speed Dating 

Okay, full disclosure that subheading is misleading. It should say Speed Collecting of Points, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Another way to rack up your points is a quick 1-day seminar with Legalwise Seminars  on a Saturday, and you can add 10 big points to your CPD piggy bank.

It is a weekend day, but then most of the pressure is off of you. This is not an option in all states, but the majority do allow it.


As with all things ‘legal,’ check your local Law Association CPD criteria before taking the above advice as legislatively perfect! Read some relevant excerpts from the various State CPD rules here . See an overview of our upcoming courses , and don’t forget to plan your peer dinner as well.