CPD For Solicitors & Barristers In 2023: What To Expect

As a solicitor, it is best to start accumulating your CPD points sooner rather than later to meet approaching deadlines in 2023. After 2020, various ways to earn your points became available, from online webinars to CPD seminars and other online events ‒ all cost-effective and easy to access.

Continuing legal education plays a positive role in equipping solicitors and barristers for the rapidly evolving legal landscape. Below are some factors regarding what you can expect this year.

Greater Varieties Of Learning 

Making gaining CPD points as accessible and painless as possible while still providing the same level of value and key points of knowledge is critical in the legal realm. Many industry professionals cannot afford to diverge from their busy and demanding practices, making the need for high-quality and time-sensitive varieties of learning essential.

You can gain points at your own pace by going online after hours from the comfort of your home instead of commuting to a seminar in the city. You choose where the value lies, what form of content you wish to consume, and your key points of interest. It makes creating your CPD point accumulation strategy easy and best aligns with your career trajectory.

With these online systems and events, professionals in the legal field can access talks, webinars and seminars from high-profile experts anywhere in the world. In 2023, you can expect this to only improve in quality and accessibility.

New Key Learning Areas

The rapid and ongoing global changes require consistent updates and improvements that coincide with these external movements. Changes also occur in specific competency areas like professional skills, practice management and ethics.

External changes involving technology and how to adopt technological advancements to best align with the needs and demands of your clients will become unavoidable and essential to building or maintaining a successful practice. With enhancements in technology and key points regarding sexual assault and harassment within the legal industry come challenges and best practices to manage these sometimes unexpected issues. These are just some key focus points that will be further built into the various CPD content for solicitors in Australia and New Zealand.

Prioritising CPD as a solicitor or barrister in 2023 plays a crucial role in freshening up knowledge and ensuring practices remain compliant within the field. For Continuing Professional Development to be beneficial and valuable, focus on gaining the most relevant knowledge possible by partaking in suitable events, webinars and CPD seminars that add new information or updated facts to your knowledge pool. At Legalwise Seminars, we provide various resources to help you accumulate your CPD points. For more information, visit our website or get in touch today.