Shot Across the Bow: What to do When a Client Alleges Responsibility for Defects and What Might Come Next

Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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Shot Across the Bow: What to do When a Client Alleges Responsibility for Defects and What Might Come Next


  • When to start thinking about it
  • Subpoenas
  • Notifying your insurer
  • Being sued
  • Negotiations

Presented by Helena Golovanoff, Partner, Holding Redlich
Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC1, PC5, PC6, PC9, PC16 (1 Formal CPD)


Brian Meyerson, Managing Principal, MHN Design Union


Helena Golovanoff, Partner, Holding Redlich
Helena is a partner in the Construction and Infrastructure group. With over 15 years’ experience in large scale construction and commercial disputes throughout Australia, she provides dispute resolution, transaction and advisory services. She has particular expertise in complex negotiations and contract structuring, including drafting and negotiating development agreements, design and construction contracts, project delivery agreements, early contractor involvement agreements and consultancy agreements. Helena works closely with her clients to ensure they understand the risks they face in their projects and how to address those risks. Apart from construction industry clients, Helena has extensive experience providing advice to insurers and insureds in respect of professional indemnity, contractor’s all risks and other project policies and business related insurance. Helena’s expertise also extends to advising education institutions in relation to development, facilities and other operational matters.

Brian Meyerson, Managing Principal, MHN Design Union
Brian Meyerson founded BMA, now MHN Design Union, in 1997. Now a still-growing team of over fifty, the firm’s philosophy has its roots in Brian’s early architectural inclination towards the distillation and expression of simplicity. Each MHNDU project is pared back in order to discover its essence and meaningfully built to capture this central tenet. In 2020, MHNDU was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Best in Practice Prize. Brian’s interest in architecture was sparked as a child, observing the urban environment on the streets of his native Cape Town as he commuted by train to school. His time studying architecture at the University of Cape Town, its educational platform informed by the philosophy of Le Corbusier, cemented his conceptualisation of purist modern architecture as a way of optimistically heralding the new, rather than dwelling on the old. Brian’s early career experience at the Desert Research Institute for Extreme Climates in Israel has informed his long-held passion for environmentally conscious architecture and MHNDU’s commitment to designing homes for a sustainable future. Having gained a reputation for innovative yet enduring craftsmanship, Brian’s designs have left a defining mark on much of East Sydney and beyond. Most recently, Brian has found particular interest in projects that contribute on an urban interventionist scale, redefining the public domain surrounding sites, such as MHNDU’s concept design for Seven Ways in Bondi and reinvention of the Bondi Hotel and its immediate surrounds for The Beach House.


Shot Across the Bow: What to do When a Client Alleges Responsibility for Defects and What Might Come Next


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