Procurement Complaints and Disputes

Thursday, 28 March 2024

Anubhav Madan, Head of Procurement, Local Government Procurement

Procurement Complaints and Disputes


  • The bases for complaints about the conduct of procurement processes, including the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 
  • The remedies available to complainants, including damages and injunctions
  • The duties owed by public servants in resolving disputes over procurement processes, including those imposed by the Legal Services Directions
  • Case studies to illustrate best practice in advising on the resolution of disputes over procurement processes

Presented by Patrick Collins, Special Counsel, Maddocks


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Anubhav Madan, Head of Procurement, Local Government Procurement
Anubhav joined Local Government Procurement in November 2020, having spent about the last 10 years providing procurement consulting services to both private and public sector organisations. In his last role in NSW Procurement within NSW Treasury, he was focused on architecting and supporting state-wide procurement reform initiatives that support and deliver election commitments, while creating value in professional services by architecting the Business Advisory Services (BAS) standard commercial framework and improving procurement operations for professional services across the state. Prior to that, Anubhav has been focused on architecting and driving procurement transformation initiatives to improve procurement value, capability and profile across various public and private sector organisations since 2004 across Asia, USA and Australia. With a degree in Computer Engineering from Singapore, and trained in Entrepreneurship from Stanford, he also has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and is an alumnus of London Business School (LBS). Most recently he has attained an MCIPS status. In this role as the Head of Procurement, he and his team support in excess of $800M in spend under contract working with over 900 suppliers supporting the NSW Local Government sector. His focus is on optimising contracts, compliance and overall procurement activity within the Local Government sector to provide greater value to both buyers and suppliers in the sector.

Patrick Collins, Special Counsel, Maddocks
Patrick has been advising Australian governments on corporate, commercial and administrative law matters for 15 years, and has a deep understanding of the public sector operating environment as well as the applicable laws and best practices (having been an in-house Government Lawyer for many years). Patrick is known for his practical and pragmatic advice, responsiveness to clients’ needs and achieving outstanding results for his clients. Patrick has extensive experience in providing legal and probity advice on government procurements and grant processes, drafting commercial contracts, conducting complex contract negotiations, advising on the construction of complex commercial contracts, resolving contract management issues and conducting alternative dispute resolution for contract disputes. Patrick advises corporate government entities on a range of governance and compliance issues including the conduct of annual general meetings, nomination and election of directors, directors’ duties, constitutional changes and Corporations Law requirements. Patrick also has considerable experience with undertaking privacy impact assessment and providing assurance advice on information law issues, advising on statutory interpretation and procedural law across the health and social welfare sectors, and guiding clients through the process of law reform.


Procurement Complaints and Disputes


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