Cairns 10 Points in One Day: Sunny Shores and Fresh Updates

You requested it, and here it is! Basking in the sun and relaxation of Cairns giving you the opportunity to earn your CPD points stress-free and in one day. We've curated 10 hot topics you will want to be across. Expand your practical knowledge in AI effectively, , fortify defences against cyber-attacks, and stay informed on the latest in commercial law, Conveyancing, PPSA, insolvency & debt recovery. Get insights from the Bench on what’s new from the Family Court, delve into recent cases in Wills and Estates, and receive practical tips derived from these cases. Additionally, delivering your ethics core mandatory CPD point will be Dr. Ian Freckelton AO KC, along with a few more eminent guest surprises, that we will be revealing soon! Taking place at the Shangri-la Hotel, Cairns it is available for full-day or individual sessions, both in-person and live online. Secure your attendance for 10 points and a full day of learning, networking and enjoying 5* hospitality. Make it a day or a holiday.

Friday, 6 September 2024
Early Bird Discount ends 2 Aug 2024 $693.00
9.00am to 9.45am Wills and Estates Law Cases: Year in Review


Join a very special session as Sally-Ann Hayward reviews key developments and significant cases in Wills and Estates law and shares knowledge that will set you up for the year ahead.

  • Suspicious circumstances
    • Shaw v Tane [2022] QSC 301 – Seven suspicious circumstances
  • Undue influence
    • Rea v Rea [2023] EWHC 1901 (Ch) – Whether daughter (carer of seven years) had unduly influenced dispositions in mother’s will
  • Revocation of will by marriage
    • Keates v Martin and Martin [2023] TASSC 31 – Will provided for ‘husband’, subsequently legally married
  • Construction of wills
    • Alexopoulos v Krasovec [2022] VSC 749 – Gift of property, insufficient assets to pay liabilities
    • Cole v Walsh as Executrix of the Estate of Alan Harold Cole (deceased) [2023] QDC 41 –  Payment of debt “as a first charge on estate assets”
    • Re Laird [2024] VSC 66 – Property general description and description by the certificate of title particulars
    • Mann v Mann [2024] QSC 50 – Property description  and effect of compulsory resumption of part of property
  • Administration of estates
    • Application of Doolan [2023] NSWSC 320 – Whether executors required to retain funds to cover any potential contingent liability arising from a claim against the testator (a lawyer) for negligence
  • Disclaimer
    • Shaw v McKean as executor of the estate of the late Ellen Mary May McKean [2023] QSC 261 – Whether beneficiaries disclaimed their entitlement
    • Jensen v Mlynarik [2024] QSC 19 – Disclaimer of gift due to failure to respond to notice of gift
  • Executors
    • In the Will of Michael Paul McLaren (deceased) [2022] QSC 276 – Executors commission
    • Jedrzejewska v Sheedy [2023] VSC 511 – Passing over executor
    • Budulica v Budulica [2023] QSC 99 – Removal of executor
    • Dingle v Dingle [2023] QSC 106 – Removal of executor
    • Eyre-Walker v Swyrydan (Costs) [2024] VSC 29 – Costs in removal of executor
  • Tax
    • ATO Practical Compliance Guideline 2018/4 Liability of LPR in relation to tax
  • Family provision claims
    • Karimalis v Kapodistrias [2022] TASFC 10 – Second spouse
    • Walters v Perton (No 2) [2023] VSC 335 – De facto spouse
    • Re Hammett [2023] QSC 249 - De facto spouse
    • Pavlidis v Pavlidis [2023] VSC 92 – Adult son
    • McDermott v McDermott [2023] QSC 163 – Adult son
    • McKew v Vivian [2023] QDC 146 - Stepchildren
    • Temple v Temple [2023] QDC 145 – Adult son
    • Zitman v Zitman [2023] WASC 135 – Adult daughter
    • Waters v Odell [2023] QDC 44 – Adult daughter
    • Byrd v Margiotta [2023] NSWSC 1556 –  Adult daughter – interim provision allowed
    • Hill v Jennifer Patricia Murray as beneficiary of the estate of Alex Kumar Sodhy [2023] WASC 482 – Adult daughter – estrangement
    • Statutory will applications
    • Re Hall [2023] VSC 482 – Application by son for statutory will for mother due to risk that husband would dissipate matrimonial assets and that he was vulnerable to exploitation
  • Superannuation binding death benefit nominations
    • Re Rentis Pty Ltd [2023] QSC 252 – BDBN completed by attorney
    • Williams v Williams [2023] QSC 90 –  Validity of BDBN, replacement of trustees of SMSF

Presented by Sally-Ann Hayward, Principal, Cairns Mobile

Practical Legal Ethics
10.45am to 11.45am Developments in Evidence and Emerging Ethical Issues

Presented by Dr. Ian Freckelton AO KC, Barrister, Professor of Law and Professorial Fellow in Psychiatry, University of Melbourne; Honorary Professor of Forensic Medicine, Monash University; Editor, Journal of Law and Medicine, Doyle’s Guide Leading Administrative and Public Law 2022, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019; Best Lawyers 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

Practice Management and Business Skills
12.45pm to 1.45pm Protecting You, Your Organisation & its Executives from Cyber Risks

Organisations, executives and in-house counsel hold valuable information that may be an asset to hackers and their clients’ competitors. What can you do to protect your organisation? Explore proactive measures to safeguard your organisation, considering both external and internal threats. Delve into cybercriminal methodologies, attacker motivations, and effective prevention strategies. Topics covered:

  • Cyber-attacks in 2024 & beyond: The latest trends
  • Your obligations to the data you or your organisation hold
  • Why executives are prime targets and how they’re targeted
  • How to prevent a cyber-attack and what to do if your organisation suffers an attack
  • Reducing mandatory data breach notifications and fines
  • Your insurance options

Presented by Dr. Graeme Edwards CFE, Director, CYBER I Pty Ltd, Former Detective, Queensland Police Service, Financial and Cyber Crime Group


Attend and earn 10 CPD units including:
7 units in Legal Knowledge

1 unit in Ethics & Professional Responsibility
1 unit in Practice Management & Business Skills
1 unit in Professional Skills

This program is based on QLD legislation

Session 1: Latest Developments in Family Law, Wills & Estate Panning

Chair: Amanda Millyard, Director, Millyard Family Lawyers; Accredited Specialist in Family Law; Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2023

7.30am to 8.15am What’s New in Family Law: Latest and Greatest Case Summary


  • Practical considerations for navigating recent amendments
  • Understanding the PPP 500 List
  • Contravention hearings

Presented by Senior Judicial Registrar Corey Jenkins, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

8.15am to 9.00am Domestic and Family Violence Essentials: Representing Clients in Domestic Violence Cases


  • Practical guidance for trauma-informed representation: adopting a client-centered approach and employing effective advocacy strategies
  • Best practices for handling legal proceedings: navigating court processes, protection orders, and custody arrangements with expertise in domestic violence matters
  • How to seek civil damages for domestic abuse

Presented by Kay Feeney, Director, Feeney Family Lawyers; Family Law Accredited Specialist, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Nationally Accredited Mediator; Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer and Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2022

Professional Skills
11.45am to 12.45pm How to Effectively Implement Artificial Intelligence

There has been a great deal of publicity concerning the use of generative AI tools by various business sectors.  The Legal sector will be able to take advantage of this tool but in doing so there remain several risks that lawyers need to understand. 

  • Examine these risks and identify what AI tools are available and when they can assist a lawyer in their practice of law
  • Explore the AI tools available
  • Research and the use of primary material
  • Contract drafting AI tools and understanding their benefits
  • Lawyers must not become sheep and simply follow the AI tool

Presented by Dr. Adrian McCullagh, Principal, ODMOB Lawyers

3.30pm to 4.00pm Latest Developments in Insolvency & Debt Recovery


  • PPSA key ppdates
  • Key updates regarding the post-pandemic landscape within the insolvency sector
  • ATO
  • Director penalty notices
  • Small business restructuring regime vs. voluntary administration

Presented by Matt Mullen, Director, Grant Thornton

4.45pm to 5.45pm Body Corporate Law: 2024 Legislative Updates and Defamation


  • Legislative Updates
    • Learn about the recent amendments to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) and associated Regulation Modules, including with respect to:
    • Pet approvals
    • Smoking
    • Towing of vehicles
    • Termination of schemes
    • Execution of documents
  • Defamation
    • |A general overview of defamation law in 2024 in Australia: The essentials, the time limits, the risks, the realities
    • Learn about recent amendments to the laws of defamation
    • Learn about the unique intersection of body corporate and defamation law – the practical and ethical issues when dealing with committees, lot owners, managers and third parties
    • Whilst this part of the session may have specific relevance to legal practitioners who work in the area of body corporate law, it will also provide a general overview and update for all practitioners

Presented by John Hayward, Director, WGC Lawyersand Rhiannon Saunders, Director, WGC Lawyers

5.45pm to 6.30pm IP & Confidentiality Arrangements for Commercial Lawyers


  • IP Into the future
  • Where is IP law heading?
  • IP and AI
  • The Seven Sins: What not to do in practice
  • IP issues in the sale of a business
  • IP warranties: what to ask for / what to look for
  • Recent trademark and copyright developments that every lawyer know

Presented by Professor John Swinson, BA LLB LLM, The University of Queensland; Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer, Doyle's Guide 2023, Best Lawyers 2023, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Best Lawyers 2023, Commercial Law; Best Lawyers 2023, Information Technology Law; Best Lawyers 2023, Intellectual Property Law; Best Lawyers 2023, Privacy and Data Security Law

9.45am to 10.30am Capacity: A Threshold Issue For Consideration Which Is Often Misunderstood


This session will consider the following aspects of the question of a person’s capacity as a threshold issue when taking instructions or acting for a person in a range of matters

  • What is capacity in terms of an adult for whom you are asked to act or provide advice to ?
  • When should a solicitor consider the question of a person’s capacity ?
  • What are the relevant tests to be applied ?
  • Fundamental tips and traps for the unwary
  • A review of the latest legal considerations and case precedents

Presented by Christopher E. Taylor, Barrister-at-Law, Trinity Chambers

10.30am to 10.45am Morning Tea
Session 2: Ethics, Professional Skills & Practice Management for All Lawyers

 Chris Ryall, Barrister, Maritime Chambers - experience in dealing with ethical and regulatory issues while a member of the Council of the Bar Association of Queensland

Session 3: Latest Developments in Conveyancing, PPSA, Debt Recovery, Insolvency & Body Corporate Law

 Joanne Parisi, Principal,Parisi Foley Law

2.45pm to 3.30pm Latest Advancements in Conveyancing


  • Common issues in conveyancing
  • Drafting special conditions

Presented by Roland Taylor, Director, Statewide Conveyancing

4.30pm to 4.45pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm to 4.30pm Overview of Insolvency Engagements


  • Understanding the different types of insolvency engagements: Liquidation, Voluntary Administration, Receivership, and Bankruptcy
  • Importance of selecting the appropriate type for different situations.
  • Practical examples and case studies on the application and impacts of various appointments
  • Updates on more recent engagement types (SBRs, SCVLs etc)
  • Personal and Corporate Insolvencies, the difference & why it matters

Presented by Alice Ruhe, Managing Principal, SMB Advisory, Registered Liquidator, Registered Trustee, Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Professional, Chartered Accountant, Non-Executive Director, Podcast Host, Presenter


Mr Christopher Taylor, Barrister,
For approximately 20 years prior to entering the legal profession, Christopher worked within the construction industry both in Australia and South-East Asia in various site and project management roles. During the late 1980's he developed an expertise in taking over distressed projects. As a result in 1990 he was called upon to advise on projects in South-East Asia, ultimately leading to his presence there for the majority of that decade heading up his own construction management company from 1994. His team was involved in projects in Thailand and Burma, and he was also invited to consult on projects in Singapore, the Maldives, India, the Middle East, the Philippines, and Guam. With the onset of the Asian economic crisis in 1997, Christopher closed his business in Asia, and deciding on a change in profession he returned to Australia in 1998 and to university ultimately obtaining his law degree. In early 2002 he was admitted as solicitor commencing his practice with the national law firm of Gadens Lawyers. For a short time he was a partner in their Cairns office. In late 2006 Christopher concentrated his efforts as a sole practitioner, leading to his call to the Queensland Bar in November 2011 where he now practises. Whilst his main area of practice is in building and construction law, he is also called upon to advise on and appear in general commercial disputes. Christopher has a particular focus on, and passion for, alternative dispute resolution, being an accredited mediator, arbitrator, expert determiner and registered adjudicator under the relevant Security of Payment legislation in QLD, ACT, SA, NT and WA. He also sits as a Sessional Member on the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal conducting hearings in the Building Dispute List, General Administrative Review List, and Guardianship and Administration List.

Ms Joanne Parisi, Director,
Joanne Parisi is a Director of Parisi Foley Law. Joanne has been practicing law for over 20 years in the areas of dispute resolution, building and construction, litigation and local government. Joanne has been helping her clients resolve disputes for in excess of 20 years and has recently completed the National Mediation Board Accreditation. She is well regarded by her peers and clients as a skilled lawyer passionate about her local community. When she is not practising law you will find her volunteering her time as a director of Cazalys, a Board member for the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation or on the Audit & Risk Committee of Tropical Tourism North Queensland.

Sally-Ann Hayward, Principal, Cairns Mobile
Sally is the Director and Principal Lawyer of Cairns Mobile Wills & Probate. Sally works exclusively in succession law, estate planning and estate administration. Sally prides herself on the quality of her work – whether she is drafting a simple will or undertaking a complex probate application. Sally has developed expertise in applications for court authorised wills, informal will and other complex probate applications and granny flat agreements. Sally’s mobile business provides quality service at a fair price, offering fixed price packages ranging from estate planning essentials to complex multi-testamentary discretionary trust wills.

Rhiannon Saunders, Director, WGC Lawyers
Rhiannon was appointed a Director of WGC Lawyers in 2018 in recognition of her determination to develop expertise in several practice areas, her track record of effectively obtaining excellent results for clients, and her strong leadership qualities. Rhiannon has particular skills and interest in body corporate issues, including disputes concerning committees, caretakers, letting agents and owners. Her broad range of capabilities covers simple disputes about non-payment of contributions to complicated disputes concerning the interpretation of by-laws as well as the legislation applicable to bodies corporate, caretaking and letting agreements and other contractual issues. Her expertise also extends to matters involving insolvency, contractual disputes, defamation, and competition and consumer law. Rhiannon has been involved in many cases that have subsequently been reported as case law, including matters in the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, QCAT, as well as the State Courts. She takes pride in achieving results quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for all her clients, including bodies corporate, commercial enterprises, financial institutions, government bodies, small businesses, individuals and insolvency practitioners.

John Hayward, Director, WGC Lawyers
John Hayward is a Director at WGC Lawyers in Cairns. John is a Senior Counsellor with the Queensland Law Society, a member of the QLS Ethics Committee, the Chair of the QLS Guidance Statement Sub-committee, a partner of the Fair Work Commission’s Workplace Advice Service and a member of Industrial Relations Society of Queensland. Over the past two decades, John has carved out a career assisting large and small organisations with every aspect of lawfully and effectively starting, running and closing a business. He has extensive experience in promptly and cost-effectively resolving disputes, including contract disputes, partnership, shareholder and director disputes, defamation, and competition and consumer law.His expertise extends to insolvency, debt recovery, voluntary administration, liquidation, receivership and bankruptcy matters. John has effectively represented clients before the State Courts, Federal Courts, Fair Work Commission, and a variety of State Tribunals, including the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. He is actively involved with the AICD and the Queensland Law Society, and assists many not-for-profit and charitable organisations.

Dr. Ian Freckelton AO KC, Barrister, Professor of Law and Professorial Fellow in Psychiatry,University of Melbourne
Dr. Ian Freckelton AO KC, Barrister; Professor of Law and Professorial Fellow in Psychiatry, University of Melbourne; Honorary Professor of Forensic Medicine, Monash University; Editor, Journal of Law and Medicine, Elected Fellow, Academy of Law, AAcademy of Health and Medical Sciences, Academy of Social Sciences; Doyle’s Guide, Leading Senior Counsel: Criminal Law, 2019, 2020;Administrative and Public Law 2021, 2022, 2023; Best Lawyers, Administrative and Government Law, 2021, 2022, 2023; Author: I Freckelton, Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy (7th edn, Thomson Reuters, 2024).

Mr. John Swinson, Professor - School of Law, The University of Queensland
John Swinson's principal interests are intellectual property law, Internet law, privacy law, cybersecurity law and the application of law to new technologies. John commenced as a part-time professor at the T.C. Beirne School of Law in November 2017. John graduated from the T.C. Beirne School of Law in 1998 with a University Medal. He also has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in computer science from The University of Queensland and a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School where he studied as a Fulbright Fellow and a Frank Knox Scholar. From 1999 until 2017, John was an adjunct professor at QUT. John was a partner at the law firm King & Wood Mallesons from 1999 to 2021. He was also Chairman of the auDA Policy Review Panel, which made recommendations to the auDA Board to revise Australia's domain name policies in 2019. Since 2000, John has been an arbitrator for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva, and has decided over 350 disputes regarding the ownership of domain names.

Dr. Graeme Edwards CFE, Director, CYBER I Pty Ltd
Graeme Edwards is a Detective in the Queensland Police Service Fraud and Cyber Crime Group in Brisbane, Australia. Edwards has been a member of the Queensland Police Service since 1999, having previously been a Detective in the New Zealand Police Service. He has been a specialist investigator of financial and cyber crime for approximately 12 years. He has conducted numerous investigations into financial and cyber crime; its effects on their victims and identifying new methodologies on how criminals are using the internet. Currently, he is in the final stages of completing of Doctorate of Information Technology with a thesis on investigating cybercrime in a multi- jurisdictional environment.

Dr. Adrian McCullagh, Principal, ODMOB Lawyers
Adrian has degrees in Computer Science and Law as well as a Ph.D. in IT Security. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Information Security Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology. He has been practicing in IT law for more than 30 years being one of the pioneer IT lawyers within Australia. He is a member of the Queensland Law Society and a member of the American Bar Association and participate in the Information Security Forum. In 1999 he was the QUT Faculty of Information Technology Alumnus of the year. Even though in private practice he continues to undertake research matters with academics at the Griffith University and the University of Queensland and has published in a wide variety of academic journals in the USA, UK and Australia. He is a member of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Committee for the Queensland Law Society. Adrian’s current research interests include Telecoms security, IT security, IT governance, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and its uses in supply chain management, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and Identity Management. He is also investigating the impact of autonomous vehicles and machine learning and their policy considerations.

Matt Mullen, Director, Grant Thornton
Matt is a Chartered Accountant who is currently a Director within the Financial Advisory. Recovery & Reorganisation division in the Grant Thornton Australia Limited Cairns office. Matt has worked in the insolvency and restructuring professional services sector for over 16 years in both Australia and the United Kingdom which has allowed him to gain invaluable experience across a wide range of engagements. Matt's role with Grant Thornton Australia Limited offers him the opportunity to work in both the personal and corporate insolvency areas including all types of formal engagements.

Kay Feeney, Director, Feeney Family Lawyers
Kay has been an expert in family law for more than 35 years. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1985 and has been the director of Feeney Family Law since 2011. Kay is an accredited Family Law Specialist. She combines her Family Law expertise with an understanding of her clients’ issues and expectations to promote a safe, calm, and respectful rapport. She possesses a high level of legal technical competency and holds a clear tenacity of purpose. She ensures that her clients feel supported and are not vulnerable to any imbalances of power. Kay boasts extensive litigation experience with particular interest in mediation, collaboration, and arbitration. She is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator for family law matters and a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Her wisdom and experience as a mediator are highly requested. She has experience in property matters involving high value and working in complex corporate structures. She is also an expert across a range of other family matters, including parenting disputes complicated by parental deficits and special needs children. She also has vast experience as an Independent Children’s Lawyer. Kay comes recommended in the Doyle’s Guide of Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers in Brisbane for 2022. She has presented “How to limit conflict in Family Law matters” at two US conferences and presented at two European conferences “Family Lawyers & Legal Professional Privilege” and “Property Settlements & Spouse Maintenance for the Elderly”.

Alice Ruhe, Partner, SMB Advisory
Alice has practiced in the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Industry for over 15 years and is a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and a Registered Liquidator. Alice is a member of both the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) and has experience in all forms of corporate and personal insolvency administrations.

Mr. Roland Taylor, Director, Statewide Conveyancing
Roland Taylor was admitted in 1993 to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. Roland practiced in the area of Commercial Litigation until 2000 before taking over Statewide Conveyancing the residential conveyancing division of Mckays Solicitors. He was made a partner of Mckays Solicitors 2003. Roland has regularly presented at Seminars for Solicitors each year since 2004. He is the author of the legal text book Agent’s Handbook.

Chris Ryall, Barrister, Maritime Chambers
Chris Ryall has practised as a member of the private bar in Cairns since 1999. His practice as a barrister has been principally in the areas of commercial litigation, personal injuries, and estates. Chris has appeared in disciplinary matters involving solicitors and other professionals before various tribunals. In addition, he has experience in dealing with ethical and regulatory issues while a member of the Council of the Bar Association of Queensland.


Cairns 10 Points in One Day: Sunny Shores and Fresh Updates


All Sessions
Friday, 6 September 2024
7.30am to 6.30pm Australia/Brisbane
CPD Points 10
Early Bird Discount ends 2 Aug 2024 $693.00
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Session One
Friday, 6 September 2024
7.30am to 10.45am Australia/Brisbane
CPD Points 3
Early Bird Discount ends 2 Aug 2024 $294.00
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Session Two
Friday, 6 September 2024
10.45am to 1.45pm Australia/Brisbane
CPD Points 3
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Session Three
Friday, 6 September 2024
2.45pm to 6.30pm Australia/Brisbane
CPD Points 4
Early Bird Discount ends 2 Aug 2024 $353.50
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Face to Face

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