Restorative Justice Intensive: Principles and Practice

Immerse yourself in an interactive, dynamic program designed to empower individuals and communities through the profound principles of restorative justice. You will go beyond theory, gaining practical tools for a meaningful impact through restorative justice principles. Examine the challenges and opportunities of using restorative justice principles. Explore the successes that can be implemented from overseas jurisdictions. Gain a better understanding of the restorative justice processes that already exist in Australia.

Thursday, 6 June 2024
Early Bird Discount ends 10 May 2024 $213.50
9.10am to 9.30am Restorative Justice: A Transformative Approach for Communities


  • Understand and explore the concept of restorative justice
  • Examine the application of restorative justice in modern justice systems
  • Real-life insights from a firsthand experience in the restorative and transformative justice trial in Perth courts
  • Challenges and opportunities: the hurdles faced by restorative justice, particularly in the context of victim services and governmental limitations
  • Role of the legal fraternity: ways law firms and legal professionals can actively support restorative justice

Presented by Dr. Brian Steels, Behaviourist & Criminologist; International Consultant & Scholar Practitioner of Restorative Justice; Patron, Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice


Brenda Robbins, Mediator, Murray Chambers

9.00am to 9.10am An Introduction to Restorative Justice in Practice

Presented by Brenda Robbins, Mediator, Murray Chambers

9.30am to 9.50am Legal Perspectives on Restorative Justice in New Zealand: Navigating Context and Experiences


  • Restorative Justice (RJ) in New Zealand/Aotearoa and how community groups got started
  • How RJ works in practice
  • Lawyer's role: the benefit of RJ for your client
  • The RJ process: what does it look like
  • The Law: Sentencing Amendment Act 2014Parole Act 2002Victims Rights Amendment Act 2014
  • What lawyers and stakeholders can do
  • Locate Judges and prosecutors who are on board with the concept

Presented by Helen Bowen, Barrister, Youth Advocate, Restorative Justice

10.00am to 10.10am Reporting in

Facilitated by 
Dr. Brian Steels, Behaviourist & Criminologist International Consultant & Scholar Practitioner of Restorative Justice Patron, Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice and Helen Bowen, Barrister, Youth Advocate, Restorative Justice 

9.50am to 10.00am Breakout: Based on the Information Presented


  • What stands out for you from the information presented?
  • What is encouraging or exciting?

Delegates will be divided into four groups. Each Breakout room will be facilitated by one of the speakers.


Attend and earn 2 CPD units in Substantive Law
This program is applicable to practitioners from all States & Territories

10.10am to 10.30am Restorative Justice and Some Take-Home Messages for Lawyers


  • Differences between the criminal justice system and restorative justice
  • How restorative justice can address some limitations of the criminal justice
  • Examples of restorative justice practice being used in or in partnership with various criminal justice institutions
  • Some barriers to the development of restorative justice
  • Some take-home messages about restorative justice for lawyers

Presented by Dr. Jane Anderson, Adjunct Research Fellow, Population and Global Health. The University of Western Australia

10.50am to 11.00am Closing Remarks: Reflecting on Restorative Justice

Presented by
 Brenda Robbins, Mediator, Murray Chambers

10.30am to 10.40am Breakout: Based on the Information Presented


  • Given your clientele: Would a restorative justice be useful? and how? Who to? 

Delegates will be divided into four groups. Each Breakout room will be facilitated by one of the speakers.

10.40am to 10.50am Reporting in

Facilitated by 
Dr. Jane Anderson, Adjunct Research Fellow, Population and Global Health. The University of Western Australia


Brenda Robbins, Mediator, Murray Chambers
Brenda is a former barrister who had a broad-based commercial, administrative and criminal law practice (trials and appeals) for over 14 years. She now practices solely as a nationally qualified mediator (NMAS) and restorative practitioner. After long experience as a litigator, Brenda believes in the substantial benefits of mediation over litigation and is a strong advocate for comprehensively incorporating restorative justice approaches into criminal justice, and various community and work settings to bring about healing, fairness and enabling a better future. Prior to her legal career Brenda held several CEO and senior executive positions in State Government agencies. Brenda also chaired and served as a director/member of various Boards and Committees including the Senate UWA, President AIM, Commissioner Legal Aid, Director Keystart Loans Ltd, Chair Metropolitan Cemeteries Board and was a Member of the Racing Penalty Appeals Tribunal (RPAT). She is currently a member of the Churchill Fellowship Assessment Panel for WA.

Helen Bowen, Barrister, Youth Advocate, Restorative Justice
Helen Bowen is a New Zealand criminal barrister, youth advocate and Drug Court lawyer. In 2000 (with Jim Boyack) she was contracted by the New Zealand Department for Courts to provide training for 80 community restorative justice facilitators in four courts. Since then she has provided RJ training services nationally and internationally including working with the Thames Valley Police in London and community groups in Northern Ireland. She continues to provide professional development and supervision with Auckland RJ provider groups and is currently the Chair of a project which provides post-sentence RJ for Maori offenders.

Dr. Jane Anderson, Adjunct Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia
Jane is a social anthropologist and Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. She has published research on the relationship between religion and the state, religious movements, sexuality and gender, child sexual abuse, restorative justice and peer support work. For the past decade, Jane has worked voluntarily with Anglo-Australian and Noongar groups to design and deliver restorative justice programs and peer supports responses to address pressing local needs. Her work is influenced by scholarly acumen combined with a lived experience of the margins, and a determination to bring about a more just, kinder and fairer world.

Dr. Brian Steels, Behaviourist & Criminologist
Brian is the Patron of the Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice, being a founding member and previous Director. He has been a Board Member of the Asian Society of Criminology and current Member of Penal Reform International, Basque Forum and Portuguese Forum for RJ. He is an international expert and consultant for Restorative Justice, Penal Reform and Critical Convict Criminology. As an academic, Brian has held various positions over the past 30 years as a Senior Research Fellow, working at Murdoch and Curtin Universities, and Guest Fellow at UWA’s Crime Research Unit. Although now retired from paid employment, his interests remain in Restorative Justice, Victimology, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, and offender rehabilitation at an individual, family and community level, especially among local people often marginalised, discarded and socially excluded. He is a well published author and criminal justice commentator across jurisdictions. His links to NZ, UK, Canada, and US justice organisations are complimented by his links to Hong Kong and National University of Taiwan, the UN’s Far East Asia Institute, Tokyo, and to his colleagues at the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Chandigarh, and the Restorative Justice Assoc. of Nepal. Brian is an active member of the European Forum for RJ. He has been a guest Keynote across the region especially to the UNFEAI and the UNODC. He attended the UN and Thai Institute of Justice to assist with the UN Handbook on Restorative Justice (2020). He has witnessed the reduction of the use for prisons across Europe and Scandinavia as a direct result of RJ practices. He is outspoken on the Portuguese and Belgium Penal Estates where Criminal Mediation and RJ policies continue to reduce prisoner numbers. He has examined prisons across Europe and Asia. Brian’s community interests include Greening penal estates, Community Based and Peer-led Restorative Justice, Therapeutic programs, as well as working among communities suffering from conflict, violence and intergenerational trauma associated with cultural and personal loss, violence, and abuse. He speaks of Social Justice where critical and long-term social exclusion, and high rates of arrest and incarceration prevail.


Restorative Justice Intensive: Principles and Practice


Single Session
Thursday, 6 June 2024
9.00am to 11.00am Australia/Perth
CPD Points 2
Early Bird Discount ends 10 May 2024 $213.50
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