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Legalwise Seminars prides itself
on the expertise of its people and committed to integrity and excellence in continuing professional development. We encourage and embrace a culture of inclusion, participation and collaboration.
Jacquelyn Simon

Jacquelyn Simon

Managing Director

Legalwise Seminars is the outcome of Jacquelyn’s passion for both education and the law. After practicing in a small law firm, gaining management experience in the not-for-profit sector and teaching in tertiary legal education, Legalwise Seminars was the melting pot of all this rich professional history.

As a young woman with two young children and a desire to be both the mother she wanted to be and the professional she needed to be, Legalwise Seminars was born as the third child in Jacquelyn’s life.

Jacquelyn’s passion for the people who make Legalwise Seminars has always been the driving force. A desire to give professionals continuing professional education that is truly worthwhile and create a space for people to come to work in a warm, supportive, and welcoming environment. To this day, these reasons continue to motivate Jacquelyn and ensure Legalwise Seminars thrives.