Women in Law Series, Part 2: Q&A with Tanja Djokic of TD Migration Consulting

Tanja Djokic, Director and Principal Solicitor at TD Migration Consulting, joined Legalwise Seminars for the second installment of our women in law series. This exclusive interview follows her achievement as a finalist for Private Practice Lawyer of the Year award from the Women Lawyers Association of NSW (WLANSW).


With over a decade of experience practicing exclusively in migration law, could you share some key insights from your journey and what motivated you to specialise in migration?

Where do I start… Well, my migration journey started well before I became a lawyer. I migrated to Australia with my family in 2001 when I was 11 years old. Our migration journey to Australia took several years as we migrated as refugees following the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s. I still remember the whole process and experience vividly and it was after we settled that I knew I wanted to become an immigration lawyer and make a difference in people’s lives by helping them migrate. I then ended up studying law with the sole intention of becoming an immigration lawyer and practicing exclusively in immigration law since getting admitted to the law practice.

I started work in a small practice where I really got the chance to learn the ins and outs of all aspects of immigration law and gain hands-on experience with quite complex matters which gave me a lot of confidence but also the courage to push myself further and evolve.  I then went to work in the corporate environment and for one of the Big 4 firms, where I gained a completely different skill set and grew as a professional. Following that, I went on to lead 2 smaller practices, grow the businesses and on a personal and professional level, push myself beyond boundaries and realise that sky’s the limit.

When did you start thinking about branching off on your own, and how did TD Migration Consulting come about?

I always had a deep desire to establish my own practice one day, but was always questioning whether the timing was right, whether I was ready to go on my own and whether I could make it. It was during COVID that I realised perfect timing doesn’t exist and sometimes you just have to take a risk and trust yourself.

In December 2020, I established TD Migration Consulting, with the aim of providing high quality immigration advice to give my clients the best chance of successfully migrating to Australia and provide a smooth, efficient, and stress-free visa process. The international borders were closed during that time and showed no signs of reopening, so some people said I was crazy, others said I was brave, and I said it was a perfect mix of both and went through with it. It hasn’t been an easy process, but I knew in my heart it was the best decision I made and despite the border closures, all the changes that kept occurring on a daily basis, I went from strength to strength and I’m now nearing almost 3 years of successful business practice.

Were you faced with any hurdles or challenges whilst setting up your own practice?

Hurdles or challenges… I think there was too many to count, but I tried to look at every hurdle as a learning curve, and every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

The obvious challenge for me starting out was that my client base was artificially restricted with international borders closed. My practice is within immigration law and bringing people to Australia so not having any indication as to when the borders will re-open made it incredibly difficult. I had to be innovative and think outside the box. I established my practice in December 2020 and international borders reopened on 21 February 2022 so that first year has not been easy, but it has also been the year where I learnt the most. I’ve learnt to embrace the challenges and change my perspective so instead of avoiding obstacles, I’ve viewed them as an opportunity to grow. I’ve taken risks and never let failure stop me from progressing and improving.

Could you share a success story or highlight from your journey so far?

I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to help people and really make a difference in their lives, so every client that I help, is a success story on its own and a highlight. I feel honoured when I get chosen to help someone move to Australia to pursue their career, or reunite family members whether it’s bringing partners together, or bringing someone’s parents or children, every application that I do is unique and tells a different story. I see immigration law as being about people, and I care about my clients a great deal, so I try my very best to turn every story into a success story.

On a personal level, highlight from my journey so far is knowing that I can make a difference in people’s lives and that perfect timing doesn’t exist. Sometimes, you have to take risks, trust yourself, and work hard to make your dreams a reality.

What would your 3 top tips be for those just entering the profession, fellow specialists in migration or those with aspirations of going out on their own? 

My motto is “Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life” and I think that’s something that everyone should stive towards.

For those entering the professional world, do what you’re passionate about and don’t let any hurdles deter you from pursuing what you truly love.

For any of my fellow migration specialists, embrace the challenges. We encounter so many on a daily basis so don’t give up even when the Immi Systems are down.

For those with aspirations of going out on their own, have confidence and always trust yourself. Have faith in your abilities, be determined and courageous and whilst it’s not an easy journey, it’s one that’s worth it.

Tanja Djokic is a Principal Solicitor of TD Migration Consulting, law practice specialising in immigration law. Tanja is a passionate and results driven lawyer with extensive experience working with both corporate and individual clients and focuses her business practice on providing high quality immigration advice, and a smooth, efficient, and stress-free visa application process for her clients. 

Tanja is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of NSW, High Court of Australia and is also admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister of High Court of New Zealand. She is a Member of the Law Society of Australia and Migration Institute of Australia.

Tanja also acts as Mentor for law students and graduates entering the legal profession sharing her experiences and guiding the students as they develop their professional selves whilst transitioning from the University to the legal profession. Connect with Tanja via LinkedIn