Why You Should Use A CPD Training Service Provider

According to Australian law, practising lawyers need to earn at least 10 continuous professional development (CPD) points every year between April 1 and March 31. One of the ways these points can be earned is by attending specialised CPD training courses which meet certain criteria.

The general rule of thumb is that one CPD point is given per hour spent attending and participating in conferences and seminars, although each state across Australia has slightly different rules and regulations regarding the awarding of CPD points.

Service providers like Legalwise Seminars offer CPD training and CPD points law to lawyers who attend its seminars and conferences, whether online or in person, or even for those who watch on-demand recordings of seminars past. Legal professionals can also earn their CPD points by preparing for and speaking at seminars and conferences.

Here are some benefits of signing up for Legalwise Seminars’ services for your CPD requirements:

A Wide Range Of Content 

Legalwise Seminars offers more than 600 seminars and conferences every year, covering a vast array of bleeding-edge topics in high-end presentations made by leading professionals. All of the content is 100% independent and original and is chosen based on its relevance to the sector and to the current state of affairs.

While many of these seminars and conferences are in-person events, subscribers to our services can attend virtually as well and can even access recordings after the event for on-demand viewing – all of which count towards your CPD points tally at the end of the year.

Keep Track 

When your CPD points are being collected haphazardly through whatever seminar or conference invitations come into your inbox, you might find yourself losing track of your tally and running the risk of accidentally not meeting your annual quota.

Moreover, it can be overwhelming and confusing to have to log into different online events platforms or keep track of multiple different details for separate conferences through a variety of organisers. It can also be difficult to determine in some cases whether a seminar or conference is even accredited for CPD points.

With Legalwise Seminars, you can keep all your CPD appointments scheduled neatly in one place, with one point of access for all the different events on your calendar. Additionally, you can rest assured that they are all duly accredited to earn you CPD points.

For all your CPD training needs met in one place, visit Legalwise Seminars today and sign up now!