What’s Ahead For October To December

Earning your continuing professional development (CPD) points online has never been easier. At Legalwise Seminars, we offer a plethora of online courses and seminars that you can attend either live or on-demand that will earn you the CPD points law needed to remain compliant in your field.

This year, Legalwise Seminars celebrated its 20th anniversary after starting in 2002. We have since grown to offer thousands of hours’ worth of content aimed at upskilling legal professionals across Australia.

New Programs

We have just recently relaunched our comprehensive programs and state guides from October to December, where you can find all of the online CPD information you might be looking for for the remainder of 2022.

These free-to-download programs contain all the information you need on what seminars and courses are on offer, as well as when and where.

In these programs is a range of not-to-be-missed seminars touching on a wide variety of topics. There are those based on federal legislation for practitioners across the country, and also more tailored programs for practitioners in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Fresh Material

At Legalwise Seminars, we don’t believe in rehashing the same content over and over, which is why all of our seminars and programs are unique and are chosen because they unpack the most pressing topical, current and relevant legal topics that will benefit you and meet you where you’re at in your profession.

The topics and speakers are selected based on attendees’ feedback, assessments of industry demand, and other studious research into what knowledge the industry needs.

We constantly assess a variety of metrics and keep a close eye on developments in the legal world to ensure that our content is always current and informative.

Not only do we source the most recent and latest legal-related information, but we also ensure to use of the most trusted names in the field to carry out our programs

We firmly believe in providing seminars to grow you as a lawyer or solicitor so that your CPD points are meaningful and useful. This is why the presenters we employ are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in their fields.

To get your online CPD points easily and simultaneously access fantastic content to grow your legal knowledge, sign up today at Legalwise Seminars!