School Law Series – Managing Separated Families

Bec DahlRebecca Dahl, Partner at Nicholes Family Lawyers talks about managing separated families in the school environment.


Divorce and separation has reached an all-time high in Australia. It is therefore unsurprising that schools regularly deal with the aftermath of separation and its impact on students and families.

Given their work directly intersects with family life, teachers are often exposed to issues arising in the context of family breakdown. Students are often part of blended families or the subject of parenting orders.

With this in mind, it is important that educators are equipped with the right training and knowledge to appropriately manage the circumstances they may be confronted with.

Common issues arising in the separation context which teachers must be familiar with include family law court orders, family violence intervention orders, and teachers’ rights and responsibilities when it comes to providing information to parents and third parties.

Regardless of the legal issue which may arise, it is not the school’s role to enforce court orders. Schools are not expected to act as mediator between parents.

It is essential that schools have the right safeguards, knowledge and procedures in place to best support their students. Training all staff members and people who will interact with students is integral.

This training should cover issues such as school collection and drop off, emergency healthcare, privacy, family violence intervention orders and communicating with parents.

Most importantly, schools must have an action plan protecting staff wellbeing and safety. With the right understanding and safeguards in place, schools can effectively manage separated families in the school environment.

If you missed Rebecca’s recent presentation, you can view the on-demand recording now by clicking here.

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