Last Chance To Get Your CPD Points Before The Deadline!


At LegalWise Seminars, we offer CPD training for architects, accountants, solicitors, and many more professions, ranging from the education sector to the healthcare sector and everything in between.

All of these industries require a high standard of performance that must be maintained throughout one's career to ensure the industry maintains its reputation of excellence and unparalleled professionalism. Gaining CPD points is the way to do that.

If you’re a legal professional and haven't secured the necessary CPD points for the previous year, doing so now, at the end of March, is your last chance to meet the deadline. Let's take a look at some of our last-chance programs so you can meet your deadline and get the CPD points you require.

10 Points In One Day: Your Last Chance Interactive Recording

This CPD course is specifically designed to help legal professionals acquire the CPD points they need for the year and achieve it as quickly as possible. Indulge in a fully packed 10-hour day that will fulfill all your CPD requirements for the year in one shot.

The list includes 10 dedicated hours worth of sessions ranging from professional skills and practice management to ethics and everything in between.

Some aspects of the seminar cover property law, while another section deals with succession law. Contract law is also covered, as are aspects of tax law and practical strategies for mitigating cyber attacks and ensuring cybersecurity.

This expert seminar will provide immense value to legal professionals who wish to participate while also ensuring that all CPD points requirements will be met without delay.

10 Points In One Day: Your Last Chance

The 10 Points In One Day: Your Last Chance seminar similarly provides a series of sessions that will help you acquire all 10 necessary points for legal professionals within one day. These include 11 curated topics that address a range of aspects of the legal landscape, allowing you to earn your points and upskill yourself in the process.

Included in the seminar sessions are updates on wills, employment and immigration law, as well as a look at workplace law. The session also covers aspects of ethical professional skills and practice management that all lawyers need to update themselves on.

One of the more interesting sessions focuses on the responsible use of Chat GPT in the ever-changing professional world. This covers the use of generative AI becoming an increasingly prescient technology that needs to be navigated with care and consideration.

If you want to fulfil your CPD points at the last minute, do not fret! Legalwise Seminars has everything you need, whether looking for CPD training for architects, accountants, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, or in the education sector. We have a range of programs on demand that you can gain access to. Contact us today to find out more or to sign up.