How you can go from Burned out to Empowered with Louise Mathias

Louise Mathias

Hear from Louise Mathias as she explains the importance of human skills to progress both in your professional and personal life, and the unique opportunity to do so with our upcoming series: From Burned Out to Empowered: Tools Every Lawyer Needs in Their Survival Kit.

Mathias is a multidisciplinary barrister, mediator and Harvard-trained in negotiation, leadership and how to have difficult conversations. In this transformative 5-part series, exclusive to Legalwise Seminars with CPD training, she will be exploring the key skills required to survive and thrive. Improve your confidence, overcome insecurities and leave revived and revitalised with these key tools to successfully navigate life.

Over five lunchtime sessions, you can develop the skills to master:

  • Master Managing High Conflict Personalities with Confidence
  • The Perfectionism Trap: Why Letting Go of Perfect Will Improve Your Life and Career
  • Freedom From Guilt; Why Learning to Say No Is Essential for Your Wellbeing
  • Reclaim Your Power: Transform Your Life and Career by Letting Go of the Need for Others Approval
  • Navigating the Ethical and Values Landscape: The Importance of Making the Right Choice


Louise Mathias is a modern multidisciplinary barrister, an advanced trained mediator, a certified family dispute resolution practitioner, and an arbitrator. Plus, she is Harvard-trained in negotiation, leadership and how to have difficult conversations. She also brings certifications in high performance, emotional intelligence and Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead coaching and consulting. Louise brings unique skills and experiences, giving you an unparalleled advantage . Connect with Louise via LinkedIn.