Flooded Communities Get Legal Assistance Boost

Communities affected by the devastating floods in NSW obtained $3 million worth of funding to help them navigate the recovery quagmire. One of the key areas leveraged with these funds is free legal advice on tenancy, insurance, debts, employment and family violence.

As a support to our members and ad-hoc participants, Legalwise Seminars offers refresher CPD courses that cover the practical navigation of pre-action processes and forms with examples for disaster-related legal action.

The Funding Directive

In a public statement, Mark Dreyfus, the Commonwealth Attorney-General, stated that the funding was an essential part of an ensured recovery process. When citizens think of disasters, they think of asset losses and, mostly, don’t realise the legal fraternity’s pivotal role in getting their lives back on track. From employment to debt, insurance, tenancy and even family violence, the legal fraternity gives citizens clear paths to regaining normality.

This funding delivers multiples of its value as it helps mop up the devastation wreaked on the communities. Assets are only one component of the disaster. Knowing your rights to finance, debt relief, tenancy negotiation and other structures can exponentially speed up disaster recovery times.

The funding allocation will be split between Western Sydney Community Legal Centre, Legal Aid NSW’s Disaster Response Legal Service, Justrice Connect and the Tenants’ Union of NSW.

Additional Funding

In addition to the $3 million, a further $680,000 was allocated in April to the Legal Centre (NRCLC) of the Northern Rivers Community. This will ensure that critical legal services are available to the community as they wade out of this crisis and cope with severe stresses on their family life.

More Information On CPD Courses

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Legalwise Seminars is proud to be able to help the powerful legal fraternity as it steps in to save homes, lives and futures of families in Australia.

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