Effective Ways to Promote Your Law Firm Online

Emma JoyceEmma Joyce share her insights on effective ways to promote your law firm online.


In a digital world, where 91% of adults in Australia actively use the internet, promoting your business and creating a digital brand identity is fast becoming a critical strategy for the growth of your law firm. Promoting services, your unique skillset or the expertise and acclaim of your team of practitioners,  the digital space provides an endless audience of potential customers looking to connect with brands like yours. While many chose to focus on their practice, neglecting their digital presence, updating your online footprint needn’t be a laborious process and the following tips can help implementation of a simple online marking strategy.

Update and create a strong brand identity

Is your brand mirroring your company identity?

Does your logo or website reflect the progressive nature of your firm in the digital space?

If you feel your branding is no longer reflective of your firm and the values therein, you may wish to begin your online launch with a brand refresh. Create a new logo or chose brand colors synonymous with the identity you wish to portray; formal fonts and classic colors or a modern typeface and clean minimalist pallet, simple changes can impact the way your business is perceived by customers online.  Your brand identity will become the central theme of your marketing, creating cohesion throughout the client journey.

Work on your website

Using your updated brand as the backbone, your website provides a platform from which customers and potential clients can access an array of information sources relating to your Law Firm and the services provided. Here, you can command your audience attention, use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your specialisms that differentiate you from your competition and allows you an opportunity to build trust between your firm and potential new business leads. You may wish to include photographs of team members and introduce their profile, allowing website visitors a chance ‘meet the team’ without ever navigating away from the digital space. You may also wish to share content online, this will increase your website visibility and encourage visitors to engage with your website. Producing blog posts or legal update bulletins cements your status as a field expert, while also generating a new audience of potential clients actively seeking the information you are sharing, these are visitors who are much more likely to convert from readers of your content to users of your services.

Get in touch with digital marketing professionals

While in principle step 1 and 2 seem fairly simple in premise, we know that your time is a premium and your skillset, most likely, does not lie in graphic design or website building. Enlisting the assistance of a designer or digital marketing professional will enable you to remain focused on your law firm, while they concentrate on building your online presence and cementing your position in the online space. Enlisting a Google Ads agency will ensure your company performs well against competing firms online, by boosting your SEO potential, and placing you higher in search engine results, with the intention of situating you as first choice for a greater number of potential clients.

Make the most of free opportunities

Many business owners shy away from promoting themselves online through fear of substantial cost implications, while this can be true for certain aspects of marketing, there are several completely free tools available to optimize your firms visibility. Utilizing fee-free platforms, such as creating social media profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram) and a Google Business page (where you can gather reviews and share information), provides an additional channel to communicate with current, past and potential customers in a digital space. You can manage these profiles in-house or employ an agency to run them on your behalf for a modest fee.

Work on your email marketing

Another often underutilized means of communicating with your client base, is via email marketing campaigns. After creating a database of current or potential clients, decide the frequency or point in the business journey in which you wish to make contact, you can then begin distributing interesting, informative content, directly to their inbox. Email signatures can also be used to direct traffic to your social media channels or to generate google reviews, cementing the integrity of your brand and producing a range of testimonials that can be used in future marketing.



Implementing the tools outlined above will help your firm remain accessible to a huge potential client base; ensuring that as technology and customer behavior evolves, you don’t get left behind. Solidify your place at the forefront of the digital space, champion technology to differentiate yourself from the competition and change the dialogue with future customers. Your business is now more approachable than ever before.


Emma Joyce, a writer in the business world, loves technology and marketing since high school. She decided to turn her passion into something people could relate to and learn from so she began writing and sharing her experience with fellow enthusiasts. With almost a decade working with other writers and editors, she is now looking for reaching new people and reading new and interesting content.