Barrister CPD Training: What You Need To Know

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a requirement for barristers and solicitors to develop and maintain competencies and skills to continue practising professionally throughout their careers. Barrister CPD training ensures that professionals remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry to help build a successful career by providing the best service possible to their clients.

Below, we look at what barristers should know regarding maintaining necessary CPD training and skills development.

What Counts As Quality CPD Training?

As a practising barrister, you must engage with an approved CPD scheme determined by a professional legal body. Barristers who wish to remain qualified must comply with these standards while understanding that CPD encourages you to review your skills and reflect on your knowledge simultaneously.

CPD training should have clear outcomes relevant to your work-related development and provide necessary interaction with the opportunity for feedback. They should also be recorded for evidence and be outside your day-to-day career. Obtaining your training should be efficient and effective as the CPD scheme does not focus on the length of time spent training but rather the quality of valuable experience captured and the measurement of practical advantages.

Tips For Managing Your CPD

Best manage your barrister CPD training by considering the following helpful tips: 

  •   Identify

As a barrister, it is essential to consider the direction you wish to take your career and which area of study and specialisation requires the most focus. Once you determine this, focus your CPD training on the activities which will provide the most benefit and relevancy to your chosen direction. We recommend considering a variety of learning activities to keep things engaging and dynamic and to gain the most all-rounded value. 

  •   Action

It is essential to keep a record of the resources you use to reach your objective. Legalwise Seminars records your hours and provides you with a certificate of attendance. 

  •   Evaluation

The evaluation process allows you to reflect on what you have learnt and helps you identify where you need further development to achieve your objective. If you did not find the learning experience valuable, it is important to document why this was the case.

Barrister CPD training is essential to furthering your career, remaining compliant within the industry, and brushing up on your industry knowledge and skills. Legalwise Seminars is a trusted source for CPD training materials, including seminars, online courses and other value-rich resources. Discover more by visiting our website, or get in touch today.