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New Small Business Insolvency Reforms – Are You Ready for the Change?

Alice Ruhe, Partner at SMB Advisory, shares an overview of small business insolvency reforms ahead of her presentation at the New Small Business.. Read More →

Koala SEPP Reversed in Shocking Twist

Breellen Warry, Partner; Peter Holt, Special Counsel and Georgia Appleby, Associate at Holding Redlich share an update to the controversial Koala SEPP following.. Read More →

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for Employees – A Reasonable Precaution or a Step too Far?

Aaron Goonrey, Partner, and Jessica McDonald, Lawyer at Lander & Rogers, discuss the issues employers will need to consider when deciding whether or.. Read More →

Procurement and Commercial Contracting for Australian Government Agencies

Alexandra Wedutenko, Consultant, and Jasmine Chen, Lawyer, at Clayton Utz revisit the basics of government procurement and contracting. Alexandra will be delving more.. Read More →

Complete Guide to Drink Driving Charges

Avinash Singh, Principal Lawyer at Astor Legal, shares a comprehensive guide to drink driving charges. In this guide, he examines defences and penalties.. Read More →

The New Proposed Drug Supply Prohibition Order Laws in NSW

Jimmy Singh, Principal at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, provides a guide to the the new proposed drug supply prohibition order laws in NSW.. Read More →
  • Sydney Jacobs, Barrister, 13 Wentworth Chambers
  • Vikram Misra, Barrister, Clarence Chambers
  • Paul Sills, Barrister and Mediator

Caveats Series Part 8: Withdrawal of Caveats and Postponing Conduct

Vikram Misra, Barrister at Clarence Chambers continues his series into caveats as he explores the withdrawal of caveats and postponing conduct by exploring.. Read More →

Patents Series Part 1: Australian Patents in a Life Sciences Context

Paul Whenman, Consulting Partner and Declan McKeveney, Senior Counsel at FB Rice, begin their series into patents. In Part 1, they consider Australian.. Read More →

Arbitration and Mediation Series Part 8: The Attitude of Australian Courts to International Arbitration (Continued)

Sydney Jacobs, Barrister at 13 Wentworth Chambers and Vikram Misra, Barrister at Clarence Chambers continue their series into arbitration and mediation. In Part.. Read More →

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