Corporate Solutions

Need training or CPD for your organisation? Legalwise Seminars provides several options to best meet your specific needs.

In-House Training

Tailor-made content brought directly to you.

Want to reduce the time and cost involved in training your staff, while giving them the most timely, practical and informative learning experience possible?  Simply tell us what you want, when you want it, where you want it, and we will take care of the rest.  Our experts can customise the learning experience to suit your organisation so that you receive the training and information your organisation needs.

Our in-house training solutions are:

  • Cost Effective: Significant savings on seminar fees
  • Efficient: No time out of the office for your staff means minimal disruption to work
  • Practical: Flexible course content, timing and delivery to meet your specific needs
  • Expert Led: Hear from presenters renowned for their extensive knowledge, experience and engaging presentations

Contact us and see why so many organisations return to Legalwise Seminars year after year for their in-house training needs. Call us on (02) 8070 9907 or send an email to [email protected]

Corporate CPD Subscriptions

A customised subscription at an unbeatable price

With our Corporate Subscription your organisation can purchase a set number of hours for your staff to attend any of our seminars. Choose from more than 600 seminars in any format (face-to-face, live web or seminar recording). Our extensive catalogue is continually updated with new material for your team members to access at their convenience. Sign up your organisation and give your people the resources they need.

Our Corporate Subscription offers:

  • CPD Made Easy: Simply give your staff the subscription code to register for our wide range of seminars
  • Capped Annual Spend: Easily manage CPD budgets with a capped annual spend so you control the cost of training to your organisation
  • Fill Critical Learning Gaps: Allow your staff to access niche and high-level learning experiences as and when needed

Interested in learning more? Contact our Customer Service Team on 02 9387 8133 or email [email protected]

Event Partnership

Where suitable we also partner with other organisations to create, organise and run seminars, conferences and events. If you would like to discuss partnering with Legalwise Seminars for an event, please contact our Events team on 02 9387 8133.

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