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Class Actions – New Zealand Supreme Court has Ruled It’s “Opt-Out”, Submissions on Law Commission’s Issues Paper Closing Next Week

Stephanie Corban, Special Counsel at Hesketh Henry, explores the recent decision in Southern Response v Ross [2020] NZSC 126 and the Law Commission’s.. Read More →

Extension of Unfair Contract Terms Regime to Small Business Contracts

Kristin Wilson, Senior Associate at Bell Gully, explores the extension of unfair contract terms regime to small business contracts, by examining the Fair.. Read More →

Gate Gourmet – Just What Exactly Is Work?

John Farrow, Partner at Anderson Lloyd, discusses the recent Suhkjeet Sandhu and others v Gate Gourmet New Zealand Limited and Shaun Joils [2020].. Read More →

Māori and Environmental Law

Vicki Morrison-Shaw, Director at Atkins Holm Majurey, shares an overview of the interplay between Māori and environmental law by looking at Māori values.. Read More →

Restructuring and Redundancies: Avoiding a Personal Grievance

Jennifer Mills, Director at Jennifer Mills & Associates, shares some insight into avoiding a personal grievance in relation to restructuring and redundancies, by looking.. Read More →

A Discussion with Brad Cuff on COVID-19 and Insurance Law

In an exclusive Q&A session with Legalwise Seminars, Brad Cuff, Barrister at Capital Chambers, shares some insights into the impact of COVID-19 on.. Read More →

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Mediation | Education Law

  • Paul Sills, Barrister and Mediator
  • Fiona McMillan on Education Law

Education Law Series Part 2: Dealing with Legal Issues

Fi McMillan, Senior Associate at Anderson Lloyd, continues her series on education law. In Part 2, she highlights the legal issues that education.. Read More →

Education Law Series Part 1: Introduction and “Know Your Collective”

Fi McMillan, Senior Associate at Anderson Lloyd, begins her series on the NZPF Principals’ Advice and Support Scheme, which provides employment advice to.. Read More →

Consensus Building Part 2: Deciding if the Process Suits Your Dispute

Barrister and mediator Paul Sills continues his series on consensus building. In part 2, he explores how to determine whether the process of.. Read More →

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