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Extended Subsidy or Restructuring – What are Your Options at the Expiry of the Wage Subsidy?

Amanda Douglas, Partner at Wynn Williams, provides a critical update into the COVID-19 wage subsidy extension and how it could impact you. She.. Read More →

COVID-19 Government Announces Rent Relief for Some Affected Tenants

David Friar, Partner, together with Jane Holland, Partner and Morgan Powell, Senior Associate at Bell Gully, share their insights into the recently announced.. Read More →

COVID-19: It’s Advertising as Usual in New Zealand

Erich Bachmann, Managing Partner, together with Julika Wahlmann-Smith, Senior Associate and Janou Kannangara, Solicitor at Hesketh Henry, take a look into what situation.. Read More →

What Does a World-Leading Framework of Charities Law Look Like?

Sue Barker, Director of Sue Barker Charities Law, shares how COVID-19 has impacted the charities law sector and what needs to be done.. Read More →

Consensus Building Part 1: Introduction to a Different Way of Facilitating Outcomes

Barrister and mediator Paul Sills begins his new series on consensus building. In part 1, he shares how consensus building is a different.. Read More →

Mind Over Matter – the Characteristics of a Great Negotiator

Barrister and mediator Paul Sills looks into what makes a great negotiator.  “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never.. Read More →

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