Registration fees

Hourly Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure works so that the more hours you attend, the more you save. See our standard registration fee schedule below:

Program HoursRegistration FeePer Hour
1 CPD$125.00$125.00
2 CPD$245.00$122.50
3 CPD$335.00$111.66
4 CPD$405.00$101.50
5 CPD$490.00$98.00
6 CPD$585.00$97.50
7 CPD$670.00$95.00
8 CPD$750.00$93.75
9 CPD$775.00$86.11
10 CPD$810.00$81.00

Simplify your CPD

Register for the Annual CPD Subscription for only $810 and attend any number of programs during the year to reach your 10 CPD hours.

Multiple Half Day Booking Discount

Register for 2 half day seminars


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Register for 5 half day seminars


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